History of Online Poker in Malaysia

In the beginning, poker games in Malaysia and other countries are meant to foster friendships between people. Back then, there was no element of betting. However, once the game was introduced into the betting house, it emerges as one of the most rewarding gamble methods. Eventually, the advancement of technology brought about online poker, which is made available in different online casinos Malaysia.

In the recent decade, Aw8 is one of the most reliable betting households that offers the best online poker games. The famous online betting platform collaborates with IDNPoker to provide different poker games to its patrons. Whether you are concerned about security standards, transactions, or withdrawing your earnings, Aw8 is a renowned online casino you can trust. Due to the reputation and reliability of the platform, it boasts thousands of users monthly.

Many of these users are lovers of online poker games. Given the exciting nature and the rewards that characterize poker games, it is understandable to see many patrons become enthusiasts daily. Besides, Aw8 ensures that every player enjoys their poker online gaming activities and withdraws their winnings without fuse or stress. If you want to join the growing list of online poker games on Aw8 but would like to know more about the game, read further.

Types of Online Poker Available Online

Aw8 works with the most reliable provider of online poker games known as IDNPoker. By downloading the IDNPoker app, players can access a plethora of poker games. Below are the best online pokers to check out:

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold em
Texas Hold em
Arguably, Texas Hold’em is the most popular online poker game, with millions of gamers playing the game every day. Considered the epitome of poker, Texas Hold’em involves players being dealt two cards. After dealing out the cards, players then bet and check. Or, they may choose to bluff their way to wins with five community cards. 

Every Texas Hold’em session features four betting rounds, including Flop, Turn, River, and the final stage that determines the result.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven card stud
Seven card stud
Here is a recommendable poker online game for those who want to play poker for the first time. Seven-card stud entails dealing seven cards to each player, who needs to develop the best five-card hand in the subsequent six betting rounds. 

While playing Seven-card Stud, each player gets two cards face-down. Next, they will receive four cards with face opened and the last with the face down. This is different from the community cards used for Texas Hold’em.

Omaha High

Omaha High

Unlike Seven-card stud, Omaha High is similar to Texas Hold’em in multiple ways. The only difference is that every player gets two extra cards. Once the players get their own four cards, they need to play through four betting rounds, Flop, Turn, River, and Showdown, which is the major difference between Omaha and other poker variants. 

With the Showdown, players get to use only two of their cards, plus three community cards. Thus, the game outcome will only emerge at the last minute.

Five-Card Draw

Five Card Draw
Five Card Draw
Here is a classic variant of poker. It features a simple design and gameplay. However, gamers need to be smart and employ different strategies. The dealer releases five cards face down to the players. Each player has a chance to exchange as many cards as they want with the leftover pack. Afterward, there is only one betting round.

While playing Five-card draw, bluffing is vital as players trick one another, depending on the number of cards taken. When a player swaps only a single card, it can mean that they have an excellent hand or trying to bluff for a win.

How to Start Playing Online Poker in the Online Casino AW8?

First off, bear in mind that online Poker is accessible on various devices. Whether you own an Android smartphone, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, you can download the IDNPoker app onto different devices. However, before then, it is necessary to sign up with Aw8.

If you are just joining online casino Aw8, simply check the top-right corner of the platform and click on “Join now.” Afterward, you need to provide your preferred username and password. Endeavor to confirm your password before signing up. Before long, you have become a proud member of Aw8. The next thing is to log in your details and scroll to click on Poker on the dashboard.

For those using Android, you are required to download the apk file to access the poker games on the platform. Aw8 patrons using iPhone needs to download the iOS version of the app to play the game. Also, players using Windows or Macs can enjoy poker games from their devices. 

With the app, you can access different poker games from any location and at any time. Ensure that you deposit in your online casino account to be able to play and earn real money.

Features of Online Poker AW8

Online poker games are widely offered by online casinos Malaysia. This is because the exciting game category is characterized by the following features and benefits:

Rewarding deals and bonuses

One of the reasons why poker games are largely demanded is due to the available deals and bonuses. The popular betting categories feature different variants through which players can win considerably. 

Besides, poker patrons have a series of bonuses and promotions to choose from. Most of these rewards come in handy for playing more poker games that can lead to winning the jackpot. Also, since the players get to play more games, they spend more time enjoying their gaming session – an additional chance to win more. 

Thus, whenever you get a chance to play poker games, endeavor to check out the welcome bonus, daily rewards, weekly rewards, and other exclusive offers.

Mobile gaming

With the IDNPoker app, every patron gets to enjoy online poker tournaments from their comfort zone. The mobile app for online poker games also ensures that you can always have Poker in the palm of your hands. 

Whether you are in your working space, home, or park, using the IDNPoker app is straightforward. All you need is to login through your Aw8 account and sit with fellow poker players digitally. 

Compared to the stress of finding physical casinos, online casino Malaysia offers convenience and comfort through mobile gaming.

Learn better

Some people fail to become a poker pro player today because of intimidation. These gamers naturally feel intimidated when they see experienced players moving hands at the land-based casinos. For this reason, they chose to quit playing poker games to avoid embarrassment. 

However, with the online poker game, there is a leveled playing ground for everyone, regardless of experience. Budding poker players can sit at the comfort of their hands and bet their hands without much pressure. 

Besides, both new and experienced players can use statistics online to analyze games and see games from other tables. All these increase the learning speed of players.


If you seek an online casino to play free online poker or online poker real moneyAw8 is always a reliable platform to visit. By signing up for free, you can download the IDNPoker app and gain access to different poker games. 

Aw8 ensures that every patron’s details are kept safe with tight security and secured payment platforms. Players on the popular online casino Malaysia gets to speak with customer support representatives at any time. Hence, if you ever encounter any challenges while signing, playing Genting online poker, or trying to withdraw your winnings, the representatives will provide the necessary support in a short time. 

Check out online poker games on Aw8 and give yourself a chance to become a poker pro and winner.