History of Online Lottery Malaysia

The lottery game is one of the classic betting forms in Malaysia. During the early ’69, a couple of companies offer lottery services, which were later incorporated by the then Malaysian Government. Since then, several online casino Malaysia platforms have emerged, offering online lottery games.

Among the lot is AW8. For many years, the popular online casino in Malaysia has continued to give the best betting services to players within and outside Asia. As a reliable platform, it is understandable to see a variety of game options on their catalog, and unsurprisingly, the lottery game is right there.

Hundreds of lottery game players sign up with AW8 online casino for different reasons. While some love the popular online casino Malaysia for its strong security system, others appreciate the bonuses and promotions offered at AW8. For some players, it is the responsive customer unit. From reviews, some individuals relish the platforms for the ease of getting their preferred lottery game to play.

Speaking about online lottery games, AW8 is a haven for Malaysia lottery game enthusiasts. Read further to learn about the Malaysia lottery online from AW8, the varieties and benefits of the gaming category. Enjoy reading!

Types of Online Lottery Games Available Online

Lottery games are available in different varieties and from various suppliers. Just as online live casinos are developed by multiple brands such as Spadegaming, AllBet Gaming, and others, there are numerous lottery game providers. 

As expected, AW8 shares a commendable and profitable relationship with the most reputable lottery game developers in the business. AW8 offers online lottery games from QQKeno, Sode, Keno, PK10, and Thai Lottery. From any of these providers, AW8 patrons enjoy the following types of lottery games online:

Standard number lotteries

Standard number lotteries
Standard number lotteries
Arguably, here is the most popular online lottery game. Otherwise known as Lotto, players are required to pick a series of numbers from a pre-determined list. 

If you are playing the German Lotto, you get to pick six out of 49 numbers, while the Italian Lotto permits six out of 90 numbers. However, the innovative Lotto, Mega Millions, allows players to choose five out of 75. Within a week, the draws are made twice, with a payout worth millions.

Mini Lotto

Mini Lotto
Mini Lotto
As the name suggests, mini Lotto is smaller compared to the standard number lotto. Players need only a small amount for a ticket. However, this translates to a relatively small winnable amount. You can find mini Lotto in every online casino Malaysia platform, making multiple draws for mini Lotto.

Daily Lotto

Daily Lotto
Daily Lotto
Who want to try out lottery games consistently, you are also advised to check out the daily Lotto on AW8. Although daily Lotto doesn’t come with a significant payout as the weekly Lotto, gamblers can make up to two draws daily with considerable payout. 

Most lottery game providers work with a small set of numbers while players are asked to choose three to four numbers for a specific ticket.


Here is another famous lottery game worth checking out on AW8. As the name suggests, this game requires the players to scratch off the ticket’s surface to find out the numbers underneath. 

All you need is to buy a scratch ticket and clear the surface using the mouse. After a few scratches, the number will come up and show whether you are the winner or not. Don’t be surprised to learn that the various lottery game providers offer different scratchers and methods for scratching.

Multi-Countries Lotteries

Multi Countries Lotteries
Multi Countries Lotteries
While surfing through different lottery games to explore, you can come across a multi-country lottery. Euro Jackpot Lottery and Euro Millions are common examples of the multi-country lottery. It’s recommendable for players who want to win millions as a payout. 

Unsurprisingly, the number of gamblers playing the multi-country lottery is more than other types of lottery games, despite being drawn only once per week.

How to Start Playing Lottery Games in Online Casino AW8?

Whether Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, AW8 players can access lottery games on various devices. However, getting access to any of the lottery game providers on AW8 requires signing up with the popular online casino Malaysia.

It will interest you to know that registration on AW8 is straightforward and quick. Simply scroll to the “JOIN NOW” button on the homepage. Follow the instruction and provide the necessary personal information. After the registration, you need to verify your email by clicking on a link in your inbox. Soon, an AW8 account will be established for you.

Now, you can proceed to log in. A successful login will enable you to access the various lottery game providers available on the online casino Malaysia. Simply choose your preferred provider among QQKeno, Thai Lottery, PK10, Keno, or Sode. Download the apps on your device and start betting on your preferred lottery game.

Features of Online Lottery AW8

Apparently, lottery online games are highly rewarding. However, more than the lucrative payout, below are the top benefits and features of online lottery games.


Live casino is particularly recommended for those who have missed the thrills and feels of betting in a physical casino. Live casino games give players a chance to witness table games in an authentic setting from their space. 

All the games are conducted by professional croupiers that ensure fairness and interesting gaming. All you need is to connect and make your betting.


When you buy a ticket for online lottery games, you are already setting yourself up nicely for different bonuses and promotions. Currently, all reputable and top online casino Malaysia platforms are offering various bonuses and rewards to potential players to join their platform. The same thing applies to the game providers. 

For instance, by choosing to play on QQKeno, you are eligible for QQKeno Weekly Turnover Bonus, QQKeno Daily Reload Bonus, QQKeno Welcome bonus, among others.


Here is arguably the most crucial feature of lottery online games. When you play a lottery game and win on a land-based casino, people will see your winnings – and not everyone will have good intentions towards you. Hence, you can be putting yourself in harm’s way. However, by betting on online lottery casinos, security and safety are entirely guaranteed.

Betting on a reliable and secure platform like AW8 means your financial and personal records are completely confidential. Also, when you win, only your username will be revealed to potential bettors. Besides, AW8 and associated online lottery game providers are licensed by relevant gaming authorities – proof affirming the safety and security consciousness of the platform.


Undoubtedly, an online lottery game is one of the reliable means to become a millionaire overnight. By choosing to bet on a reputable online casino Malaysia platform like AW8, you can be confident of having many online lottery games to bet on. 

More so, all online lottery game providers on the platform are renowned for giving excellent payout, not to mention generous bonuses and promotions. If you want a confidential lottery betting platform that works towards customer satisfaction, register with AW8.