History of Fishing Casino Malaysia

Fishing games are one of the innovative betting options in the recent decade. As a country well-known for online and offline casinos, no experienced gambler will be surprised to see multiple betting households from Malaysia offering fish shooting gambling games. Besides, the fishing game casino is quite lucrative for both the patrons and the online casino Malaysia owners.

Aside from being rewarding, fishing game casinos offer entertainment and quality game time. Fish game online is simple to play yet exciting. Fishing games come with special features that help players with their gameplay and increase the chances of winning. From the graphics, sound, music to interface, every type of fish game online is unique in performance and quality.

While several online casino Malaysia platforms offer fishing casino games to their patrons, it’s not every betting household that is reliable and secure like Aw8. For this reason, it’s highly recommendable to sign up with the popular online casino Malaysia if you want to play the fish game online without fear of fraudsters.

The famous betting platform operates with high-security standards and customer representatives that help registration and gaming straightforward. Besides, Aw8 offers the most exciting fish shooting gambling games that you’ll find on the internet. If you want to learn about these game options, read this article to the end!

Types of Fishing Games Available Online

As a reputable and renowned online casino MalaysiaAw8 offers the most exciting and rewarding fishing games, namely Fishing God and Fishing War. Both fish shooting gambling games are an excellent source of entertainment and huge payout. Read further to learn more about fishing games.

Fishing God

Fishing god
Fishing god
Developed by SpadegamingFishing God is an ecstatic betting game with a fishing theme. It is created with 3D graphics that make the marine creatures stand out. Players can hear the sound of the waves whistling while the fanciful picture of the water blows as vast blue oceans. With enticing graphics and fine audio, players get an interactive gaming experience that is rare. During the gaming sessions, players can hear when they shoot and hit or miss their targets. Even the target aiming is excellently designed to look attractive.

The gameplay is simple and quite realistic. As you journey through the colorful ocean, you are required to target and shoot down the obstinate marine creatures. The games feature different types of guns, and as you progress, you’ll get a chance to unlock deadlier weapons. Also, you can change the number of bullets between 1 and 100. Fishing God comes with interesting features such as auto-lock, bomb feature, multipliers, etc.

Since the release of Fishing God by Spadegaming, the number of players has increased significantly. This is understandable considering the excitement and rewards associated with Fishing God. Besides, the popular fishing casino game is downloadable. Hence, you can always play the game from your computer, mobile devices, or tablet. Accessing the game is easy. All you need is to visit Aw8, check the fishing game category, and click on Fishing God to start gaming.

Fishing War

Fishing war
Fishing war
Here is another masterpiece from Spadegaming. As the name suggests, it is a fishing-themed game that comes with great rewards. Since its introduction to online casinos Malaysia, the popular fishing casino game has received incredible reviews from fishing casino game enthusiasts. Fishing War is designed with 3D graphics and sharp sound that makes the game interactive and exciting.

During the game session, you’ll encounter different battles of the boat crews that are fighting for a treasure. As a gamer, you have a responsibility to win the treasure. Fishing war features a nicely designed ocean and beautiful species of fish. Many fishing game enthusiasts relish the challenges in Fishing War as it enables you to play different modes, including junior mode, Expert mode, and Godlike mode. The various modes require different amounts of coins to purchase bullets. Before you can purchase bullets, the number of coins will be multiplied by 10. The total amount determines your bet. For each room, only four players can enter at the same time.

As a player, it is strongly recommended to use some items to increase your chances of winning. For instance, you need to use your positioning well. The gun barrel comes with a plus and minus sign to adjust whether you want to shoot up or down. Also, endeavor to use “target.” This feature helps aim at the water creature automatically. Simply click on it, and your gun will shoot automatically until the creature is destroyed – or it manages to swim away from the screen.

You should check the menu button on the right side of the screen. From there, it is possible to learn about your betting history, game setting, and payouts. Also, you can exit the game session. If you can manage to destroy the Dragon KING, your winnings will multiply by 300 points.

How to Start Playing Fishing Games in Online Casino AW8?

Playing fishing casino games is straightforward on Aw8. Be informed that you don’t have to pay any agent before you can enjoy fishing war or fishing God from the popular betting platform. Also, signing up to play fish games online doesn’t take days or weeks. Once you provide accurate details, you’ll have your account approved in no time.

Before you can access the games, it’s necessary to click on the “Join Now” button on the Aw8 website. This link will open the page where you need to submit your emails, password, and username to register. After clicking on “Register,” an email for verification will be sent to your email. Soon, you’ll have an account with Aw8. After a successful opening of an account, you need to fund your account if you want to play a fishing game and earn money.

Depending on your device, you can play online fishing games from different devices. If you are using Android smartphones, you can download the compatible version of the game to your phone. For those using the iPhone, download the iOS version of the game. Fishing online games are also accessible through Windows and Mac. 

After clicking on “Fishing Games” on the Aw8 dashboard, simply choose your preferred game between Fishing War and Fishing God. After your selection, you’ll be required to submit your username and password to proceed. Afterward, you can download the games and start playing with real funds. In no time, you would have accrued significant points that can be converted to real money and withdraw.

Features of Fishing Casino AW8

As mentioned earlier, the number of fishing games online has been increasing since its introduction. In reality, the figures will keep rising as long as patrons continue to benefit from the following features:

Comfortable Gaming

Fishing games don’t give you stress. On the contrary, it helps relieve stress and offer excitement. From the adrenaline-pumping shots to massive points accrued, you’ll surely have a lot to laugh about by playing online fishing games. More importantly, as long as you have a data connection and a suitable device that can download the app, you can access fishing games from your house or recreational center. 

In short, you don’t have to visit a gaming park to enjoy both Fishing God and Fishing War. With a few clicks, entertainment and a chance to make money are on your hands to take.

Worldwide access

Considering that fishing games are online, anyone from the world can access the games. It’s not required to be in Malaysia or Asia before you can access online casino Malaysia. Whether you are in Egypt, Nigeria, the USA, Dubai, or Australia, Fishing casino games are available on Aw8 for anyone to enjoy. 

Besides, considering that Fishing God and Fishing War support mobile gaming, every patron can play from anywhere – it doesn’t matter whether you are waiting for a commute, on a queue, or in your bedroom.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like other online casinos, fishing games from Spadegaming comes with numerous rewards and bonuses. As a new player, endeavor to claim your welcome bonus, daily cash reload bonus, and weekly cash rebate. 

Also, the gaming platform provides special promotions such as Birthday bonuses and referral rewards. Endeavor to use the bonuses and promotions to your advantage.


For real, Fishing God and Fishing War on Aw8 are highly recommended to patrons who want exciting and rewarding gaming sessions. Players who love to fish will even appreciate the game better than most. 

With Aw8, you have a responsive and helpful customer support unit to contact if you ever get stuck trying to access online fishing games. Also, the platform provides an excellent security protocol that ensures every client’s information is kept safe while the confidentiality of the patrons is guaranteed. Try out the online fishing games on Aw8 today and start making money for fun!