History of Esports Betting Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the first few countries that accept esports betting. Although some bookmakers were reluctant initially, more online betting households become more receptive to the innovating gambling option. During the early days, virtual sports and esports betting were categorized together. However, it is apparent that the betting options are different in their own right. At this point, bookmakers offered a few video games and the leading competitions to gamers. Bettors only put their money on the team that would win.

However, with time, online casinos have become more creative, and more betting options were added to virtual sports and esports. This led to the introduction of over/under market, handicap, and many others. Also, more video games have been added over time. One of the top online casino Malaysia platforms that have performed excellently in this regard is AW8.

For some years, AW8 is among the most reliable and trusted gambling platforms in Asia and outside the continent. Aside from being a proud betting household that offers multiple esports betting options, thousands of patrons are loyal to the platform because it stands out. From having a well-defined website, standard security system, responsive customer support to a wide-ranging gaming portfolio, hardly will you find anyone who doesn’t fall in love with AW8 at the first encounter.

AW8 possesses the hallmark of a reputable betting household. For this reason, many esports bettors feel comfortable betting on the platform. Besides, the reputation of the bookmaker speaks for itself. If you want to enjoy the features and benefits of esports betting Malaysia with comfort and tranquility, AW8 is your go-to platform. To learn more about esports games, take your time to read further!

Types of Esport Betting Games Available Online

Given the reputation and reliability of AW8, it is understandable to see the popular betting household working with only the best esports provider in the business – IM Esports. The online esports betting site offers a unique combo market and high betting limits. 

From CSGO betting, League of Legends to DOTA 2, IM Esports is a proud supplier of various esports games that will keep you rooted to your betting seat. Below are top esports betting games that you can expect to enjoy on the popular betting platform.


As a sequel to the multiplayer game, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)DOTA 2 is playable on the classic Warcraft III game. Since the introduction of the sequel, thousands of gamers have been enthused by the game. For this reason, DOTA 2 is arguably the most popular esports betting game among bookmakers. 

More than ever, more gamers are putting their money on the famous esports game. DOTA 2 is similar to chess, as it requires teamwork, mind games, and strategy. Also, you need to be resourceful to be victorious in the professional esports game.


Here is a highly rewarding but competitive esports game. CSGO has existed for as long as the gaming industry. During a single round of the game, you need to consider several factors to be victorious. Notable among them is precise aiming, good communication skills with fellow shooters, and superb reflex. 

On Twitch, CSGO is one of the most viewed games. As a bettor, you can put your money on player kills, bomb defusing, player’s death, and player’s accuracy.


Would you like to bet on the most massive online battle royal game? If yes, PUBG is your esports game. The original game has paved the way for more online battle royal games in the future. With a single gaming session of PUBG, about 100 players can engage the esports betting game. Hence, one match may last for half-an-hour. 

PUBG is well-known for its versatile gameplay, and it is no wonder that the game has been popular online for many years. Even though more battle royal games are coming up and challenging the position of PUBG as the number one in its category, many bettors still love the esports game for its unique loot system, unpredictability, and gameplay.

League of Legends

League of Legends
League of Legends
Here is another major esports arena that follows the same rules as DOTA 2. However, League of Legends features different graphics and sounds. The popular esports game comes with unique mechanics, which makes the game fresh and engaging. 

While League of Legends is not the most popular number mass battle arena game worldwide, it has never lacked love from thousands of bettors and viewers.

How to Start Playing Esports Betting in Online Casino AW8?

AW8 makes playing esports betting seamless and enjoyable. As a new user, registration is free, and accessing the esports arena through AW8 is straightforward. However, it’s pertinent to sign up and log in to use IM Esports and open your choice of esports game. Again, AW8 registration demands little to no effort. Simply visit the AW8 website and click on “Join Now” on the top-right corner of the page.

From there, you should submit your username and password. Follow the process by providing your email, choose your currency, provide your contact number and birth date. Once all your required details are provided. You’ll be able to confirm your account through the link sent to your email. Within a short period, an AW8 account is yours to use.

Afterward, you should return to the homepage and click on “log in.” Now, proceed to choose IM Esports under Esports on the dashboard. At this stage, you can play the games on your Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows device. Ensure that you download the compatible version of the app to your device, depending on the operating system. Whether it’s DOTA 2, League of Legends, or PUBG, feel free to place your bet on any esports betting game and specific betting options.

Features of Esports Betting AW8

The growing list of esports game enthusiasts is unsurprising given the pros and features of the gambling category. Below are the top reasons why esports betting sites are getting an influx of bettors:

Quick revenue

One of the fastest means to make money from online betting is esports betting. By downloading the esports betting app and funding your online casino Malaysia account, you can place your bet within a short time. Before long, a match would have been completed. If you bet correctly, you can make a considerable amount from a single bet.


Given the plethora of esports betting sites, you can always enjoy gaming from your house. Besides, with the esports betting apps, it’s unnecessary to bet on esports games on your bigger devices such as a laptop or desktop computer. Using your mobile device, any player can bet as they move to their workplace or about to sleep at night. Hence, esports betting games offer comfort and convenience.


Aside from betting, watching esports games alone is exciting. Most esports games are action-packed with many thrilling encounters, shooting, and racing. Undoubtedly, esports betting games are enjoyable as much as it is rewarding.


Those who have always been gaming fans are likely to appreciate esports betting games more than most. However, if you like making money while getting premium entertainment, the esports arena from AW8 will whet your appetite. 

By choosing to bet on AW8, you’ll be gambling through a AW8 trusted online esports betting Malaysia that supports effortless gambling and quick payment. Good luck!